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本文摘要:Ministry of Foreign Affairs 外交部Protocol Department 礼宾司Information Department 新闻司diplomatic mission 外交接表机构embassy 大使馆legation 公使馆consulate-general 总领事馆consulate 领事馆office of the chargé d’ affaires, 代庖处military attaché’s office, 武官处commercia


Ministry of Foreign Affairs 外交部Protocol Department 礼宾司Information Department 新闻司diplomatic mission 外交接表机构embassy 大使馆legation 公使馆consulate-general 总领事馆consulate 领事馆office of the chargé d’ affaires, 代庖处military attaché’s office, 武官处commercial counselor’s office 商务处press section, information service 新闻处liaison office 联络处diplomat 外交家, 外交官diplomatic rank 外交官衔diplomatic representative 外交接表members of the administrative and technical staff 行政技术人员ambassador 大使ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary 特命全权大使nuncio 教廷大使internuncio 教廷公使counselor with the rank of minister, minister-counselor 公使衔参赞chargé d’ affaires, 代庖counselor 参赞first secretary 一等秘书second secretary 二等秘书third secretary 三等秘书attaché, 随员commercial secretary 商务参赞cultural secretary 文化参赞commercial attaché, 商务专员cultural attaché, 文化专员military attaché, 武官naval attaché, 水师武官air attaché, 空军武官consul-general 总领事consul 领事doyen of the diplomatic corps, dean of the diplomatic corps 外交使团团长roving ambassador 巡回大使ambassador-at-large 无任所大使special envoy 特使accredited to ... 向…派遣的foreign affairs 外交memorandum, aidememoire 备忘录persona non-grat 不受接待的人de jure recognition 执法认可commnique 公报announcement 通告, 通告letter of credence, credentials 国书mutual recognition 相互认可establishment of diplomatic relations 建设外交关系letter of introduction 先容书during one’s absence 离任期间identification card 身份证statement 声明de facto recognition 事实上认可persona grata 受接待的人diplomatic practice 外交老例diplomatic immunities 外交宽免diplomatic privileges 外交特权diplomatic channels 外交途径diplomatic courier 外交信使diplomatic bag, diplomatic pouch 外交邮袋letter of appointment 委任书certificate of appointment 委任证书exequatur 许可证书declaration, manifesto 宣扬letter of recall 召回公牍note 照会verbal note 普通照会circular note 通知照会formal note 正式照会normalization 正常化be appointed ambassador to ... 被任命为驻…大使to express regret 表现遗憾to sever diplomatic relations 隔离外交关系to resume charge of the office, to return to one’s post 返任to proceed to take up one’s post 赴任to present one’s credentials 递交国书to exchange ambassadors 互派大使to resume diplomatic relations 恢复外交关系to establish diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level 建设大使级外交关系to establish consular relations 建设领事关系to assume one’s post 就任to take exception to; to object to 提出异议to upgrade diplomatic relations 外交关系升格to make representations to, to take up a (the) matter with 向…谈判to lodge a protest with 向…提出抗议to request the consent of... 征求…的同意to suspend diplomatic relations 中断外交关系 tea party 茶会an atmosphere of cordiality and friendship 诚挚友好的气氛reciprocal banquet 答谢宴会delegation 代表团head of the delegation, leader of the delegation 团长deputy head of the delegation, deputy leader of the delegation 副团长member of the delegation 代表团成员memorial speech 悼词to develop the relations offriendship and cooperation 生长友好互助关系prosperity and strength 繁荣茂盛visit 会见friendly visit, goodwill visit 友好会见informal visit 非正式会见official visit 正式会见private visit 私人会见state visit 国是会见obituary 讣告questions of common interest;question of common concern 配合体贴的问题state banquet 国宴message of greeting, message of congratulation 贺电speech of welcome 接待词welcoming banquet 接待宴会cocktail party 鸡尾酒会good health and a long life 康健长寿profound condolence 深切悲悼cordial hospitality 盛情接待the two sides, the two parties 双方luncheon 午宴message of condolence 唁电reception 招待会toast 祝酒词memorial meeting 追悼会to convey one’s sympathy 表现慰问to meet with 会见to review the guard of honour 校阅仪仗队to exchange views 交流意见to receive 接见to be shocked to learn of 惊悉be of the opinion, to hold, to consider, to maintain 认为to propose a toast to... 提议为…干杯on the happy occasion of 欣逢on learning with great joy 欣悉to give a banquet in honour of... 宴请…on invitation, upon invitation 应邀at the invitation of... 应…邀请in the company of..., accompanied by... 在…陪同下to express one’s sincere congratulations and best wishes 致以衷心的祝贺和最好的愿望to wish prosperity to a country and well-being to its people 祝(某国)国家繁荣人民幸福to take note of... 注意到His (Her, Your) Majesty 陛下His (Her, Your) Royal Highness 殿下His (Her, Your) Excellency 左右His excellency Mr. President and Mme... …总统先生左右和夫人加速经济结构调整 accelerate economic restructuring海峡两岸关系 cross-Strait relations重视,强调 place emphasis on第一生产力 the primary productive forcedealer/jobber/broker n. 经销商/股票经纪人地理优势:favorable location香港特别行政区 Hong Kong Special沙龙酒吧 saloon-bara throw-away cultureresearch institutions 科研院所screen capturing 截屏plastic beauty 人造玉人modem “猫”,调制解调器jukebox 自动点唱机insulator 绝缘体encryption 加密cortex 大脑皮层cache memory 高速缓冲存储器ATM (Automated Teller Machine) 自动柜员机muppie都会中年雅皮士family tree 家谱,家谱图hardened professional (criminal) 惯犯masculist 提倡掩护男权的in-law 姻亲drop a lawsuit 打消控诉piracy 非法翻印,盗版bail 保释national key projects 国家重点工程outward-looking economy 外向型经济China Export Commodities Fair (Guangzhou Fair) 中国出口商品生意业务会(广交会)​​​​


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